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CMS Call Letter: Reinterpretation of “Primarily Health Related” for Supplemental Benefits

HPMS Memo Primarily Health Related 4-27-18 (002)

CMS Call Letter: Reinterpretation of the Uniformity Requirement

HPMS Memo Uniformity Requirements 4-27-18

The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 was signed into law on February 9, 2018. The Act includes Title VIII — Supporting Social Impact Partnerships to Pay for Results (SIPPRA) and was first introduced by Senator Todd Young (R-Ind.), but appears to have bipartisan support from Members of Congress. SIPPRA would fund social programs that achieve real results and redirect funds from ineffective programs to programs with demonstratable results. See the SIPPRA legislation here and a summary, including goals, social impact partnership requirements, process and governance, and funding aspects below:


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NASDOH appreciates the Surgeon General for his efforts to highlight the importance of community health and vitality through his interest in soliciting comments on the upcoming Surgeon General’s Call to Action document, “Community Health and Prosperity.” Below, NASDOH provides an overview of multi-sectoral alliance efforts to achieve similar goals, including several examples of local, successful efforts on the part of our members.